Learning the basic Paper Formatting Styles for Your Paper

What is Paper Format?

A paper format holds an integral role when it comes to academic writing. It refers to the precise structure that an academic paper should have. Why does formatting your academic paper in a specific format matter?

Imagine a world where a student can write their paper in their manner. The student can choose their margins, headings, and reference style. It makes work for the instructor a bit complicated, sorting out the different formats. That is why most learnings adopt basic paper formatting styles.

The paper format refers to the layout of the paper. A common trend with academic papers is that they contain different types of text. It includes:

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Bibliographic references
  • Quotations

Each paper formatting style comes with strict requirements that a student needs to follow to the latter. Some common formatting styles used in most learning institutions include:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Havard
  4. Chicago
  5. Vancouver

How to Write Your Paper with APA Format

APA format is the most common academic writing style recommended by most learning institutions. Therefore, a student needs to learn the basic guidelines when writing the paper format.

Standard guidelines when wiring in APA dictates a student to write using the 12 Times New Roman font. Furthermore, the entire document needs to be double spaced. The margins for the paper should be one inch. The margin should remain similar throughout the document.


The way you write your page numbers is different in APA format. It is required for a student to insert a header at the top part of each page. It should also feature when writing a short essay. Ensure the piece has a page number at the top corner of the document.

One thing you need to pay close attention to is the manner of writing your title page. The title page should start with the essay’s title, followed by the writer’s credentials and name of the institution. You might have to include additional information such as the course title and name of the instructor.

It is important to note that some instructors have deviations when formatting their papers in APA. Therefore, it is essential to countercheck with the instructor before proceeding to format your paper. 

Tips for Writing a Good Paper in APA

Here is a breakdown of expert tips you can use when writing your paper while formatting in APA before submitting:

Selecting a Good Topic

A standard recommendation by experts is to choose a topic that suits your style and interests. Furthermore, you should deeply explore the topic to a point you finish your research within the given time limit.

Starting Research Process

Before you start your research, you should carry prior research. Ensure you have enough information about your topic before proceeding to write your paper. Look at previous researches gives you more hints on what to include.

Writing Draft

Before beginning the writing process, you need to ensure you have sufficient information. Each claim you make on the paper should be backed with strong evidence and references. Jot your points down before starting the writing process for your paper. 

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