How to Write an Impressive Short Essay in Less Than 20 Minutes

What is the Length of a Short Essay?

Different people have different suggestions for what a short essay should look like. Each learning institution elicits its version of a short essay. Therefore, your definition of a short essay length could be different from another.

However, s short essay should approximately contain at least 500 words. It can make up to about two typewritten pages that are double spaced. When writing a short essay, you should pay close attention to:

  • Sentences
  • Proper grammar
  • Spelling 
  • Punctuation

Even though the essay is short, it should provide answers to the question. Your reader should get an overall idea of what to expect with the paper. It is advisable to answer the questions directly without going around.

It is possible to deviate from the author’s thoughts as you paint your picture of your perspective. Furthermore, you can offer a critique of the overall statements made by the author to make your stance.

Basic Format of a Short Essay

A short essay follows a universal structure. A short essay should contain:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 
  3. Conclusion

Your short essay should contain at least three to four paragraphs in total. Each paragraph should contain between 50 to 100 words. Each paragraph should contain three to five sentences that contain are concise. 

Writing in Less Than 20 Minutes

Here is a step by step guide to help you in writing your essay in less than 20 minutes.

Set a Timer

It is time to test your writing skills with a timer. An expert writer with high writing skills can last up to twenty minutes when writing a short essay. The timer acts as a motivation to spark your inspiration with ideas of writing the paper. 

Prepare Materials

Before hitting start on the timer, you need to have all items needed by your side. It would help if you were seated in a quiet place where you can put your thoughts together. Avoid any distractions that will eat into your time. Therefore, put your phone on silent mode and close the door.

Get Your Facts Right

Before you start the writing process, you need to have a deeper idea about the topic. Research about the topic to get a better sense of what you will writing about. Countercheck to ensure each detail in the paper is correct. Make a list of points you need to include in your discussion.

Start Writing!

After getting your thoughts in order, it is easy to proceed to the writing phase. Writing from your head becomes much easier in presenting a credible argument in the essay. Do not let the timer pressure you into writing in the paste. This will only make you prone to mistakes along the way. Remember to include each point in your essay.


When you have two minutes left until the clock runs out, it is time to proofread. It is not about writing in haste. But it is about writing with quality. Proofread your essay to get rid of any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Edit your paper to ensure it conforms to the expected format. 

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