How best to Write a Personal Statement for College

Writing an Excellent College Personal Statement

Personal statements are basic determinants in most college applications, for both graduate and undergraduate positions. The point is to impress the university’s select committee to consider your application and let you join the school. Unfortunately, most students miss attending their favorite schools because of miswriting the personal statement.

Why Personal Statements are Crucial

Having a personal statement is one of the easiest ways of emphasizing your qualities, experiences, and beliefs, which helps you make a better case when applying for a college or university entrance. This statement should serve as your representative since it gives the school an idea of who you truly are. Most colleges will be looking for specific things that students must focus on to increase their chances of being accepted. Most importantly, though, a student must stand out if they are to catch the eye of the selection committee easily.

Choosing The Right Topic

One of the crucial steps to writing an excellent personal statement is choosing the right topic. This involves following the prompt given in the application and choosing a topic that best represents their personality. Some of the most important aspects to consider here often include:

  • Focusing on your journey on overcoming failures
  • Knowing your central activity
  • Having a specific problem you intend to solve
  • Writing about a life-changing experience
  • Choosing a fascinating subject helps

In the end, the best topics are those that you are likely to enjoy writing. Choose a topic that you will be engaged fully in, and be yourself in.

Write Creatively

When it comes to the actual writing, once you have the topic figured out, ensure that you approach it creatively. If you need to learn how to write creative pieces, then do so because this is the only way to impress the selection committee. Make your content fun but at the same time, have a meaningful story that you are telling. More importantly, make the content feel natural and free-flowing as though you have an ordinary conversation.

Let the Reader See Your Point Without Telling it to Them

The point is to show and not tell. What this means is that you should not tell everything as it is as this would be boring. Instead, choose to narrate the story in a captivating manner, such that the reader will fill in the blanks while appreciating the development of the story. Do not make everything seem too obvious because the reader will lose interest quickly.

Make it Conversational

This means that the story should seem like a dialogue. Even though there is no response on the other end, the personal statement should read as though there are two sides conversing. You may need to use a bit of reported speech to achieve this. When you include a bit of dialogue throughout the content, then you break down the information and make it sound less of a script, but allow it to appear more real.

Personal statements are great when written well. To achieve all the above, consider hiring expert writers to assist.

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