3 Essential Pre-Writing Techniques for Experts in Essay Writing

What is Pre-Writing an Essay?

Most students are taught the process of writing an essay at a tender age. You are taught that a basic essay format starts with:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

It highlights the process of writing a strong thesis statement for your paper and weight. Furthermore, it would help if you researched the topic before writing the essay. The essay should contain a strong argument that challenges the reader. Moreover, you should back each claim or statement made within the paper.

However, do you know what happens in the mind of a writer before writing? Do you wonder what crossed Scott Fitzgerald before writing the Great Gatsby? Every writer goes through a phase before writing an essay.

The phase can be a source of inspiration or motivation for the writer. A famous writer once said we have stories written in our minds. It only takes in search to bring out the inner expert in us. It makes the pre-writing phase for an essay an essential element of the writing process.

As a beginner, it is essential to adopt pre-writing strategies for your essay. The pre-writing phase gives you room to generate ideas. Furthermore, you get a chance to evaluate which points to feature in your overall essay. You start to outline what the entire essay should look like. 

Strategies for Pre-Writing

After establishing the pre-writing phase's importance, we present some strategies to adopt when writing your essay.


Listing refers to a technique where the writer jots down a lot of information to incorporate in the essay. The listing process gives birth to new ideas and dictates how your overall essay will look like. In case you have a broad topic, it is essential to have a listing phase beforehand. During the listing process:

  1. Include all ideas that need to be part of your overall essay to make it reliable and complete
  2. List the ideas in terms of importance and strength when translating to your paper.
  3. Assign each idea a label when narrowing down to the small points of the game
  4. Create a thesis statement using the ideas to present an overall view of what the reader should expect with the paper


Is also refers to creating a roadmap for your essay. It is a chance for a writer to evaluate the relation between the present ideas:

  1. Place the topic sentence at the heart of the paper
  2. Write other ideas around the sentence that could make for better ideas
  3. Select the best fitting idea that brings out the essence of your topic easily


Do you have doubts about your topic selection? If you do, you need to try new ideas for creating a unique and innovative topic. You need a technique that helps in centralizing your ideas. It is where the concept of looping comes in handy. Identify critical concepts to incorporate into your overall writing experience. Circle the topic until you find a preferred research topic for your case. It might take time before arriving at your preferred topic, but it is worth waiting for a professional paper. 

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